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Injustice 2 Free Trial Starts Tomorrow

Most of the biggest games for this year have been released, so how do you keep the hype going? Free trials. If you want to pre-hype, you have a beta for an upcoming game. It’s a brilliant strategy, and we can play a game for free.

The latest addition to the free trial club is Injustice 2. Running December 14th-18th, you can download the DC universe fighting game, and finally give that cocky Kryptonian, a brooding bat, or even Aquaman the beating they have coming.

The free trial still keeps some of its content for paying customers only. You can only try chapters 1-3 of the story. The character roster is limited to the base game, but no Brainiac for you freeloaders.

Only the positive side, you can play all of the multiplayer and online modes, and the Multiverse Mode will let you try some of the DLC characters. The most positive thing is that the game will be discounted, so you can keep the fun going for less.

If you want an idea of what to expect, be sure to read Stuart’s excellent review of Injustice 2. He mentions there is something for the pros and newcomers to enjoy with a meaty campaign and challenging multiplayer.

If you are playing this weekend, and the other player seems unable to ever hit you back, say hi. It’s probably us.

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