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Inked: A Tale of Love Has Scribbled Its Way to Console Today

A hand-drawn story of love, sorrow, and puzzles.

Indie studio Pixmain and developer Somnium Games has announced that today the unique puzzle game Inked: A Tale of Love has been released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

Inked: A Tale of Love is a tale of both love and hope. This his wonderful story follows a Nameless Hero on a quest to find their lost love through a variety of puzzles and accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack that complements the touching romantic story drawn on the screen.

Through the power of a magical paintbrush that can paint wondrous shapes, players will need to use this power to clear obstacles and solve the mind-boggling puzzles.

With each puzzle, the Nameless Hero completes he reaches closer to his love that also unravels a journey that connects both the artist of the drawings and the hero that is living in them – a heart-warming story that even melts my heart.

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Players will be drawing their own story as they travel with the hero through 10 different hand-drawn paper worlds, all that look as if they have been scribbled onto the paper with a ball-point pen.

This unique and creative art style actually got the game nominated for the Special Selection in Infogamer by Reboot and Best Visual in Reboot Develop in 2016.

As well as to go on to win several awards at GameConnection Asia such as the Grand Award, Best Upcoming Game and Best Casual Game when the game was recently released on mobile in 2020.

Now this sweet stories baton is passed to console where it will hopefully thrive just as well, or maybe it will be crumpled and thrown in the recycling – it’s too cute to be thrown away so easily!

Inked: A Tale of Love can now be purchased on the PlayStation Store for £7.39/$9.99.

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