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Insomniac Changed Peter Parker’s Face for Spider-Man PS5 Remaster, And Fans Are Not Happy

peter parker face change ps4 ps5

Insomniac has caused a stir among Peter Parker’s fanbase by changing the character model in the Marvel’s Spider-Man PS5 remaster to better resemble his real-life voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal.

The change is drastic, and the Peter Parker we all played as in the original PS4 game – which will also get this character model as an update – is no longer recognisable. Instead, Peter Parker now looks around 14-years old, and a little more like Far From Home star Tom Holland.

Fans are not happy with the makeover, and many have made their voices known to the developer on Twitter.

In return, Insomniac Games has responded to the backlash with a fairly nice explanation, stating that it was done to bring the in-game character model more in line with his real-life voice actor. The question remains, then; why not do it for some of the other characters? Why just Peter Parker? Now Peter looks 14 and Mary Jane looks 30. That’s 10-15 years in the clink, depending on how far that white privilege gets her.

Source: Twitter

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