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Insomniac Has Revealed Ratchet And Clank’s Approximate Legnth

Insomniac’s latest Ratchet and Clank adventure, which is just a remake of their first Ratchet and Clank adventure, is beginning its awkward launch cycle tomorrow. Why awkward? Well here are the dates: April 12th in the USA, April 15th in France, April 20th in the rest of Europe bar the UK who get it on April 22nd, so yeah it’s a little all over the place. On the bright side, reviews have started to surface and bar a few minor complaints this entry should please the Ratchet elites and newcomers alike.

One of the series many fans has taken to Twitter to enquire about the game’s length. They asked if it would take around 11 hours to complete, like the original game did, to which Insomniac replied: yes. However it will only take around 11 hours if you only complete the bear minimum, if you want to get 100% you can definitely expect a few more hours out of it. You can check out the Tweet down below.

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