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Introducing Four New Helpful Confidants in Persona 5

It had been far too long since our last dollop of Persona 5 news, and we were starting to have the shakes. Thankfully, Atlus dropped four new trailers for new confidants. Each of them has something to teach the Phantom Thieves, and you will need to spend time with them to get the best skills.

First, we have the gamer, Shinya Oda. By spending time playing shooting games at the arcade in Akihabara, you will build your shooting skills and gain unique weapons. One of the skills will let you fire a warning shot to intimidate a demon in negotiations.

Yuuki Mishima is a social media guru, and he is designing a website to promote you online to the world. His skills help you to gain more experience, and this could be critical in a long RPG.

By having your fortune read by Chihaya Mifune, you can build your social skills in the game. You can find her telling people about their future on the streets of Shinjuku.

Finally, we have the heavy drinking reporter, Ichiko Ohya. If you give her information to write popular stories about the Phantom Thieves, she can help them learn skills to keep the security systems in the Metaverse from finding them as quickly.

Persona is an RPG that values its relationships. When you spend more time with characters, they will teach you more skills, but they will also tell you more of their story. We cannot wait to learn a little more about everyone when Persona 5 launches on April 4th.

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