INVERSUS Gets Its Second Big Update

INVERSUS Gets Its Second Big Update

INVERSUS update 1.03 is now live for the PlayStation 4 and it adds a lot of content. First up is the addition of color. The aesthetics are no longer just black and white. There are now over fifty, unlockable color palettes that can be shuffled every match.  Additionally, over 250 emotes have been added to unlock as well. You can equip up to four at a time and use them to express frustration or joy.

For the grinder in all of us, experience levels are now tracked in arcade and versus mode. You can level up by simply completing matches, winning them, or earning high scores. All of which are advertised in online lobbies. The new leaderboards will also showcase your skill level. Lastly, the online matchmaking has been improved so you can now search across all multiplayer modes at once.

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