Invites Are Out Now For Firmware 6.50 Beta

Rumour has it that Sony is sending out invitations to a beta for an upcoming firmware. 6.50 is ready and waiting to be tried and tested, but who exactly will be lucky enough to give it a good kickin’?

Lucky may be too strong a word in the scheme of things; the blurb describes the console update as not including any “new major consumer-facing features”, which could be five words too many to describe mere stability improvements. And don’t get us started on that elusive name change ability that has been teased but then stashed away. Are we ever going to get the opportunity to rid ourselves of our embarrassing alter egos? 

The one notable feature that is documented as making an appearance is a questionable switch-a-roo between the circle and X buttons. These two have opposite roles in Japan as they do elsewhere (cancel is accept, accept is cancel) but we could soon have the option of following suit. Whether it’ll be a popular change is yet to be seen.

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The general consensus seems to be that a large proportion of Sony’s time is being dedicated to the next incarnation of the PlayStation, hence the PS4 firmware lacking in the newsworthy department. This would certainly make sense, but until they’ve made an announcement, gamers will still expect this model to be heartily updated. We for one, do!

Have you been invited to the party? Or have you been left out of the loop as to firmware and when? Write us a comment below; it’ll make you feel beta.

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