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Iron Man VR Has Gone Gold, Ready For Its Release on July 3

We recently informed you that the Iron Man VR demo was available to download. Well, now we can tell you that the full game itself has actually gone gold, meaning it is all set for a timely release. There would have to be a catastrophic event now to delay the game – Something that isn’t too far-fetched in today’s climes. But it’s probably safe to say Iron Man VR won’t be grounded before it takes off on July 3rd.

That is great news indeed because gamers have been waiting on this game for some time. And all of the speculation has done nothing but inflate our expectations. However, motion sickness could prove an issue once they’ve actually put the headset on as it is a little unkind on delicate stomachs. But maybe Iron Man himself has a sick bag stowed away in his suit, so don’t be too embarrassed about it.

The news was announced on Twitter, with the team admitting the journey had been a long one. So, it is as big as news for them as us. But good things are worth the wait, right? For their sakes, let us hope it does live up to our standards and proves to have been a worthwhile. However, I think this could be one of the best releases of the year – if not only for its uniqueness and immersion.

Because, let’s be honest – who here has never wanted to be a superhero? So, on that basis, just think of it as the work experience we never got!

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