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Is Gearbox Teasing a Borderlands 3 Announcement for Later This Month?

We already know that Borderlands developer Gearbox will be hosting a panel at PAX East later this month, and we know that there’s going to be something shown – maybe even multiple somethings. The problem is that we don’t know exactly what will be shown, though the general consensus is that we’ll finally get a first look at the long-rumoured Borderlands 3.

Gearbox seems to know what its audience wants, and with its latest tweet the studio is teasing its fans big time. In the tweet embedded down below, Gearbox has tweeted an image with the words ‘March 28th, Boston, MA’ in what looks like a very typical Borderlands setting. So, Borderlands 3, right? Well, it could be, but it could also be teasing a re-release of the original game for PS4. Rumours have been swirling around for a while that Gearbox is preparing to re-release the first game as a Game of the Year edition, so it could just be that. Or, considering that we’re expecting multiple announcements, it could be Borderlands 3 and a remaster of the first game.

March 28th isn’t that far away so all will be revealed very soon. Heck, we may just get a leak before the actual announcement.

Source: Twitter

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