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Is Infinity Ward Teasing Call of Duty: Ghosts 2? Modern Warfare 4? Or Nothing?

There’s a new Call of Duty game coming this year. No surprises there – it happens every year, after all, but this year it’s Infinity Ward’s turn to release the next entry in the popular first-person shooter series.

It’s only January but we might be getting our first teasers from the studio, and hints as to what the next game may be.

Infinity War Community Manager Ashton Williams has tweeted a short clip, which you can see below, and it’s sending the Call of Duty faithful bonkers. The clip is just a skull with piercing red dots for eyes, and it looks like it’s grainy footage of the lost and found variety.

Some are speculating that this could be an early hint towards 2019’s Call of Duty game, with some taking the skull reference to mean the next game will be Call of Duty: Ghosts 2. Others, however, are claiming it’s an obvious reference towards the character Ghost from the Modern Warfare series and that the next game will actually be Modern Warfare 4. They’re fair guesses, I suppose, but it could also be that it’s just a random tweet and it means nothing. But yeah, it’s probably something.

Don’t expect any big Call of Duty news until a little later on in the year, though it’s very likely we’ll have leaks pouring before the official announcement.

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