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It Doesn’t Look Like NBA Live 20 Will Be Hitting the Court Anytime Soon

NBA Live 20

NBA Live 20 is proving elusive. We’re a day away from the new basketball season but still there is no news on its release. In fact, I’d say we know more about Death Stranding. And that’s saying something!

It’s true that we are not without a basketball game: NBA 2K20 is alive and well, dribbling its way into the best selling game of the year position in America. That means it has passed Borderlands 3 and FIFA 20 in the league tables – despite only being out for the last few weeks – which must be something EA Sports is grimacing at.

That’s because every day that passes is another sale lost. And another day that 2K20 corners the market. But EA doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry to get NBA Live 20 out. Nevermind to share a few more details on their bouncy project.

Our last update came early in the year when they teased their intention to pursue a “different approach” this time around. However, things have been very quiet ever since. We can only hope they’re still busy making it the best game possible whilst worrying it is another title to have the plug pulled.

Are you feeling deflated about the possibility NBA Live 20 won’t be donning a jersey at all? Or do you think EA are simply waiting for the 2K20 bandwagon to calm down? Pass a comment to us, your teammates.

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