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It Sounds Like Sony Holds the Key to Bloodborne 2

We’ve all longed for Bloodborne 2. Call us a sucker for punishment, but there was something about the original which meant we couldn’t put it down. No matter the number of lives we lost in its heartless world. And, boy, there were loads. But a sequel is far from a given, as the director doesn’t have the final say.

That stab in the dark lies with Sony – the publisher and IP guardian of Bloodborne – if we read between a few lines.

This nugget of information comes from Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of the original, who answered the question delivered by Gamespot.

“Bloodborne 2… Unfortunately, I’m not the one to decide,” he said.

And it’s hardly surprising that the pursestrings would get the final say. After all, it’s those who put the most (moolah) in that have the most to lose. But Bloodborne was such a hit – a continuing hit, at that – that you have to wonder why the announcement hasn’t already been made. Could they be waiting for the next generation to launch? Maybe, but that wouldn’t really prevent them admitting it’s in the pipeline.

They could just trick us with low resolution screenshots and string us along with a release date. Crikey, I think of everything!

Anyway, the Yarnham hunt doesn’t sound anywhere near ready yet. They’re obviously still clearing up all the blood and TV screens shed over the first.

In the meantime, are you waiting for another brutal game to be announced? Or do you refuse to be owned by anything else other than Bloodborne 2? 

Source: GameSpot

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