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It’s a Strange Bug’s Life in the Metamorphosis CGI Trailer

Metamorphosis is one of those books I try to read every decade or so. Maybe a game inspired by the concepts is more my speed. In the new CGI trailer, you are a bug who has been strapped to a chair for interrogation about a mysterious tower. I never realized being threatened by a thumbtack would be so frightening, but, when it looks like a railroad spike, that changes things.

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The trailer is good for giving us an idea of the game without revealing too much. The story is about a man named Gregor who finds himself changed into a small bug. He doesn’t know how or why, but he will be able to use his new bug abilities to unravel that mystery. The game will have environmental puzzles that require you to parkour, climb walls, and generally creepy crawl-y your way through to the end.

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Metamorphosis is looking very interesting, and you can check out the screenshots at the bottom for a look at the world and gameplay. As far as a release date, we only know it’s coming this summer. If you want to know about the tower or understand why a bug might be willing to torture for it, it may be one to put on your watchlist. It’s certainly on mine now.


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