It’s Official: PS5 Will Be Backwards Compatible With PS4 Games

Get ready for a slew of PS5 articles everyone, because Sony has officially started making announcement with an exclusive sit down between Mark Cerny and Wired. The first big bit of news is that your PS4 games will not become distant memories of a generation gone by once the PS5 sits underneath your telly; it’ll be fully backwards compatible.

According to Wired, Cerny confirmed that the un-named next-gen console (he stopped short of saying ‘PS5’) is based partly on the same architecture that powers the PS4, and so it will be fully backwards compatible with PS4 games. It has also been confirmed that the PS5 will not be a digital-only box and that it will accept physical media. However, it is not mentioned in the article as to whether PS4 discs will be able to run on the PS5, or if it will be limited to digital content. I would imagine that discs and digital media will work seamlessly, but as nothing has been confirmed, it’s hard to say for sure.

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So there we have it – Sony is finally getting on the backwards compatible train, despite years of claiming that nobody uses it. Nice one!

Source: Wired


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