It’s Time to Go Hunting with the Rifle Class In Metro Exodus

Yesterday, I shared the general weapons trailer for Metro Exodus, and I thought the handgun class was the most versatile. Well, step aside, post-apocalyptic John Wick, the rifle class has asked someone to hold it’s beer. In a new trailer focusing on rifles, we really start to see the flexibility in this class of weapons.

There are a lot of options for you to consider. There are different barrel lengths, different clip sizes, different sights and scopes, and all of these can be tailored to the job at hand. It appears to be more of a spectrum. At opposite ends, you have a sniper rifle designed to fight enemies from outside their ability to even spot you, and the other end is occupied by an up close and personal high damage machine. You can find your happy medium at some point between the two. The only thing it can’t do is attach a silencer, but you have other weapons that can be quiet.

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Check out the trailer to see the Lego approach to designing guns in Metro Exodus. You are going to need to know how to survive the trip to the East when the game releases on February 15th.

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