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J.K. Rowling is Not Part of the Hogwarts Legacy Team

Following the unnecessary upset caused in recent months by her comments, Warner Bros. have clarified J.K. Rowling’s involvement in their next big game, Hogwarts Legacy. Or should that be, the lack of it. You see, on an FAQ page, they state that the game will not be a new story by the author. Instead, it will simply use her world building narrative as its foundations for what will be an original adventure.

This will come as a relief to many, but others may still question just how much she is set to benefit from its release (via royalties and the like). So, it may still prove a difficult sell to those who’d rather sever ties completely. Plus, technically, her lack of involvement doesn’t undo the hurt caused either. And neither should it.

The disconnect probably lies in the fact that the common heroes and heroines we’ve come to love (Harry, Hermione and Ron) all reside in an era far in the future from Hogwarts Legacy, meaning there is no reason why a new scribe can’t take up the mantle. But also, the author is keen on developing a new body of work for herself in the adult fiction market. And that can’t be as successfully achieved if you’re still “stuck in the past”, revisiting the Pottersphere.

We have also learned that Portkey Games – WB Games’ new label – will be involved with ‘Potter only’ experiences. Full stop. So, Hogwarts Legacy may just be the first of many. And as we have longed for an avenue to express our wizarding selves, this is an exciting prospect indeed!

Source: WB Games

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