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January 2019 PS Plus Games Ready to Download Now

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber then you’ll be in for a treat today as January 2019’s PS Plus games are ready to download and install right now. If you’re not a PS Plus subscriber, you’re getting bugger all. Sorry. Thems’ the rules. It’s not too late to join in on the action, though, as if you subscribe during the month of January you’ll still be able to download this month’s freebies.

This month’s offerings were a little divisive amongst fans when they were announced, but I’m guessing Ubisoft’s oft overlooked Steep will get a fair bit of play over the next couple of weeks, given that it’s absolutely freezing outside and a good snow game in front of the fire is the perfect remedy for a runny nose.

If you missed the announcement last month, you can find the info on which games are included this month in this handy article. Furthermore, this year we’re going to be keeping a running list of what games are included in the PS Plus subscription, and you will be able to find that evergreen piece through here.

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