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January PS Plus Games Leaked By Sony on Facebook

Update: Sony has since confirmed which games will be free as part of January’s PS Plus. 

Sony has leaked its own PS Plus announcement via Facebook advertisements. Classy. Rather than letting us wait to find out via the normal Playstation Blog post, Sony has been rolling out ads on Facebook across Europe that show what January’s PS Plus games will be. Well, what’s going to be on PS4, anyway.

According to the adverts we’ll be playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Telltale’s Batman: Season 1, and That’s You!, the PlayLink game that has been free since forever. Seriously, it’s been on PS Plus for months now, not that we’re complaining – it’s actually a really decent quizzer.

As for what’s coming to PS Vita and PS3… We’ll have to wait until Sony makes the official announcement. The offending Facebook ads only show January’s PS4 PS Plus games. Makes sense, really, as Sony doesn’t want to be pushing the dead consoles.


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