Jetpack Joyride is Coming to PS4 By the Looks of It

Jetpack Joyride is Coming to PS4 By the Looks of It

Jetpack Joyride is a guilty pleasure of this Pure PlayStation author: it has probably had more playtime on the PS Vita than Killzone: Mercenary and Uncharted: The Golden Abyss combined. The easy pick up and play nature of the game, as well as being incredibly addictive, make it a great little digestible game on the go.

That very same flavour looks to be coming to the PS4 soon. Trophies for the game have been listed online and it notes that they are for the PS4. There’s a total of 12 gongs to collect but unfortunately there are no trophies. Jetpack Joyride is actually a free-to-play game on the PS Vita, though whether it’ll release as a freebie that makes its money via in-game purchases on PS4 isn’t know. We’ll keep an eye and two ears out for more information. Maybe even a finger.

If you’re interested in seeing what the trophies, head over here.

Happy to see that Barry is back, or did you have enough temper-tantrums with the little dude on the PS Vita? Give us a shout down in the comments section below.

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