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Job Vacancies Suggest a Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Sequel Is Planned

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order wasn’t the game we all wanted it to be. But that hasn’t stopped EA from storming forward with their plans for a sequel. At least, that’s true if a job advertisement is anything to go by.

That’s because there are currently three positions open for applications in California, with each specification specifically referring to Respawn Entertainment (or, as I like to call them, the Force behind this latest Star Wars adventure). But perhaps there’s another third person action game requiring a character artist, software engineer and level designer…


But a sequel wouldn’t surprise me. After all, despite its shortcomings, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order has been well received by the gaming fraternity. Partly due to its muddle of mechanics and expansive worlds, but mostly for the extragalactic assets. However, you could consider this too early of a time to divert most of your resources back to a sequel for a game that has only recently launched.

Although, everyone would still be in the “zone” and probably brimming with ideas. So being eager could prove worthwhile in this instance. And, by worthwhile, I mean profitable…

However, we’ll have to wait a while longer for an official announcement. Or even no announcement at all. For, Grasping at straws, are we.

Source: EA

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