Join Pure PlayStation’s PS4 Group

We’re still relatively new on the interwebs but we’re already making quite a name for ourselves. We pride ourselves on being a little bit different from all the other gaming news websites by being open, honest and outrageously funny. Alright, the last part was a bit of an exaggeration but we’re at least marginally comical.

We’re still developing our community and we’re looking at every available option to get every PS4 fan on board with Pure PlayStation. We’ve got a Twitter, an official Facebook page and a side-page where we post PlayStation-related content but we also have a brand new PS4 community group. Makes sense really: where better to gather PS4 fans than on the PS4 itself, right?

Here’s how you can be a part of the Pure PlayStation community on PS4:

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Step 1: Own a PS4 and be a fan of all things PlayStation (it helps)

Step 2: Search for ‘chrisjewlord’ on PSN and you’ll be able to find the community via that profile (that’s the guy writing this, by the way, and yes, it’s a ridiculous username and yet another reason to lobby Sony to let us change our PSN names…)

Step 3: Invite more folks to join our group, arrange online games and all the other stuff.

It’s not the most functional of features on the PS4, but it’s all we have to work with at the moment. Any questions? Tips? Suggestion? Hit up the comments section down below and spew ’em all over the show.

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