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Judgment Of Atlantis Teased in New Preview

Ubisoft has released a four minute video of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s final DLC. And suffice to say, it looks a corker. But is Judgment of Atlantis a precursor for where the series may go in the future – you know, to places that are currently “misplaced”? We certainly hope so; in fact, El Dorado would be a great next stop.

The story follows Alexios or Kassanda as they, unsurprisingly, pass judgment on the population of Atlantis. And through a series of skirmishes with some very difficult characters, go on to earn themselves a selection of new skills, gear and weapons. But will the watery corruption prove too great for our protagonists to overcome? And will this final DLC fail to make a splash? The trailer, for one, suggests not.

Judgment of Atlantis sails on to our screens July 16th. Aka, tomorrow. And with it, our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey adventure comes to a close. Will we, or the series, ever be the same again?

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