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Judgment Proves a Fan Favourite, Bar a Big Omission

Judgment is the latest game from SEGA. And in just a few days, the Yakuza spin-off has proven a success with fans worldwide. But amongst all of the positive comments online was a recurring theme of disbelief – that the game has no karaoke. Zero. Zilch. Nout.

Yes, you read that right. A Yakuza-type game that has no karaoke offering; we can’t believe it either. In fact, the thought is making us a little light headed. It was only a few weeks ago that I (wrongly) stated we don’t know much about the game but we could sleep easy knowing that karaoke would be a pretty definite feature. But alas I was wrong, and should probably hand in my journalism badge.

To be fair, however, nobody seems to have seen this coming. The Reddit community, for one, is in disbelief. So, that makes me feel a little better. Still, Yakuza or its brethren minus an open mic night is like Crash without TNT – completely unfathomable.

SEGA, what were you thinking?

Well, apparently, they were thinking, ‘we can make a blooming good game without karaoke’. And, you know what, they did. Because a quick search online reveals a torrent of positive comments – ‘better combat than Yakuza 6’, a ‘unique’ main character, ‘great’ story.

In fact, there’s very little people didn’t like. And even then it’s less, ‘I don’t like that’, and more, ‘that’s different than how things were in the past’.

I for one am excited to try wall jumps.

Are you a fan of SEGAs endearing Yakuza franchise? Pass your Judgment in the comments box below.

Source: Reddit

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