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Judgment Punishes with Tiger and Crane Styles

I’m hoping for another Yakuza remake announcement this year, but Judgment might fill that fist-shaped hole in my heart just fine. The latest trailer today focuses on combat, and it borrows a few ideas from the developer’s past. Just like in a real fight (I assume, because I’m no fighter), you have to pick the style to meet the situation.

The tiger style is very useful when you want to focus on one person. Your character will be highlighted with red accents to show this style is active when you want to rain pain. Delivering powerful punches and kicks, your special attention on a single fighter or boss is rewarded with some high damage.

Unfortunately, a fight is generally not one on one, and the jerk who picks a fight brings friends (because they’re so tough). In this case, the crane style is your ideal form. It allows you to better manage a crowd with wider movements and a nice blue accent. The trailer shows more holds and throws and seems to generally sacrifice some raw power for speed and mobility.

It looks like the combat will be similar, but everything I have seen so far tells me this is not a Yakuza game. That’s just fine. The world is big enough for both franchises, and, as I have mentioned, the English translation seems to be trying to open up that world to more people. With that in mind, I have put the Japanese voice over trailer at the top and the English trailer at the bottom.

Judgment will launch on June 25th, but those who digitally pre-order the game on the PlayStation Store will receive early access on June 21st.

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