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Judgment Voice Actor Found the Process Personally Therapeutic

In case you missed it yesterday, (I did) Sega dropped a new look into the world of their upcoming Yakuza spin-off, Judgment. This tale of a lawyer who becomes a private eye is especially interesting for reasons outside the actual game. Unlike some of their previous games, Sega is doing a full English dub and putting the time and money into making it as good as the subtitled translation. It’s a crazy idea, and you can see the details here.

The new trailer shows Greg Chun discussing his experience as the main character Takayuki Yagami. It’s the biggest role he’s ever had in his career, and he’s excited and feels “blessed” to have been a part of it. He mentions that Yagami seems like a real person, and that made it easier to connect with him as an actor. He was able to draw from events in his own past and bring that into the performance. He describes that process as being therapeutic for him.

One of the things that seems to stand out to me is that Mr. Chun seems to be a guy who appears to be grateful for the chance to do something so cool. He seems to have genuinely enjoyed his time in the role. I can’t help but think that attitude will shine through in his performance over the many hours that some people will spend listening to his dialogue. It might even convince me to give the English translation a try here and there.

Will he be able to keep every phrase sounding “fresh”, and will Judgment give us a fresh look at Yakuza’s world without the yakuza? We’ll know for sure when the game hits the streets of non-Japanese speaking gamers on June 25th.

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