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Judgment Will Come with Two English Translations

The same studio (Ryu Ga Gotuku) who makes the Yakuza games for Sega is releasing the spinoff, Judgment, on June 25th. In a post on the PlayStation Blog today, the Localization Producer for the Yakuza games, Scott Strichart, talks about how he convinced the company to create two different English localizations for the game. He describes his experience of asking a group of Japanese developers for this over a teleconference. I can only imagine the stress of the lead up to asking that question and the looks on their faces when he let them know “Because it’s the right thing to do”. I’m impressed they agreed.

For those of you who love the Japanese audio (myself included), that’s still in the game, and the translation style from recent Yakuza games will still be there. For those who want English audio with a translation that’s tailored to the language and style without losing the underlying meaning, you can have that too. Strichart acknowledges that the community hasn’t welcomed past English translations, but a new cast gives them a chance to try again. It might also allow people who hate reading subs to enjoy these games, so that’s a good thing too.

No matter which version you play, the story and meaning are the same. There are some subtle differences, and you can see a screenshot comparison of the dialogue in the picture at the bottom. Each is a response to a slightly different lead in phrase. In Japanese, “Fair warning…” was the previous line. In English, it was, “You still wanna sue?” The end ideas are the same, but there is a little different coloring to the words.

Judgment will follow a private investigator and his partner as they solve crimes, including stopping a serial murderer. You will investigate for clues, review the evidence, and disguise yourself as you go undercover for some real dirt on the criminals. Of course, some cases are only solved with your fists, and the brawling reminds us of the developer’s pedigree from the Yakuza games. There are even mini games in the trailer.

That same trailer will give you a taste of the English dub, so you can appreciate some of the work that went into one of the two translations, before Judgment lands on the PS4 on June 25th.

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