Judgment Will Get a PlayStation 5 Release, But Will the Yakuza Collection Follow?

It has today been revealed that Judgment – the Yakuza spin off game – will be coming natively to the PlayStation 5 this April. With it, fans will enjoy buttery smooth, 60 frames per second visuals and refined graphics. Plus, all of its previously released DLC. But the biggest question is now whether the whole franchise will be getting this uplift, considering its continued popularity. I, for one, am hoping.

The news was accompanied by a snazzy trailer, which you can find above. But if you are simply looking for a little information on the game, I’m happy to fill in those gaps. You see, Judgement is a spin off from the Yakuza series. However, no previous releases have to be played prior. And neither should you discard this one if you’ve passed on the others. That’s because Judgment does a few things different to its inspiration, despite the similarities.

For one, you play a private detective – who has a bit of a legal past – taking on cases and sleuthing around crime scenes. Granted, street brawls are still present. Plus, the superb writing and nonsensical side stories, too. But on weighing everything up, this is still a game that carves out its own identity. Something that is evident from the very first cut scene.

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Be warned, that at the moment, save transfers from the PlayStation 4 hasn’t been confirmed by SEGA. But we do know that cross-buy (i.e. a free upgrade if you own the PlayStation 4 version) isn’t going to be offered, which is a bit disappointing. However, there’s no doubt that it is a good deal, what with it being a version of the very well received Judgment looking better than ever and playing better than ever. Not to forget, being bundled with more content than ever, as well. So, if you are tempted to give Judgment a go finally, place your order now for its April 23rd release.

However, if you have other hardware choices available, the game will also be re-launching on to the Stadia and Xbox Series X|S too. So, you might have another decision on your hands…

Source: EuroGamer

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