Juice Up Your Ride in All-Star Fruit Racing

The PS4 has been doing very well with just about every genre, but kart racing has been a little lacking. All-Star Fruit Racing is hoping to fill that gap for those of us who prefer our driving to be a little less realistic. And I guess more fruity?

Along with details from the game, an annoucement trailer shows CGI with a little gameplay. The world is extremely colorful, and the racers are powersliding around tight turns and strategically using custom-mixed fruit power ups from The Juicer’s tanks to destroy other racers. Although the cuts are brief, there is a real sense of speed, and the stylized visuals look crisp.

All-Star Fruit Racing is bringing multiple ways for you to play. There is a career mode that will let you compete in championships. Along with prizes, winning will unlock new characters and parts for customization. There are over 32,000 combinations, so you can change the paint, parts, and appearance to make the kart your own.

If conventional kart racing is not for you, custom championships let you zoom through the 21 different tracks set in the five worlds of Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall, and Special Islands. Special modes like Dragster Races, Hill Climbs, Elimination Races, and Time Attacks bring a little more challenge and variety.

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Racing alone is fine, but racing against others is divine. All-Star Fruit Racing has split-screen local co-op for two to four people, so you can hear and see the look of defeat when you cross the finish line first. If you cannot gather everyone in the same place, you can race up to eight people online.

Although we do not have an official release date, All-Star Fruit Racing will burn up the track in July. Amazon.co.uk lists the release date as July 31st with a £34.99 price, but that could be a placeholder. Once we know for sure, we will let you know, because you can never have too many kart racers in your life.

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