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July’s PS Now Games Include Street Fighter V and Watch Dogs 2

Before you can grab Watch Dogs 2 for free on the PC this weekend, you can start playing it as part of the new crop of PS Now games for July. As the newest member of the group DedSec, the hacker Marcus Holloway will use his skills to fight back against a system that takes their info to oppress them by stealing the info of everyone around them, hacking into everything around them, and violating the privacy of others that they claim to hold so dear. Perhaps that’s a gross oversimplification. You be the judge starting this month and lasting until October 5th when it leaves PS Now.

Street Fighter V joins PS Now, bringing the latest installment of the classic fighting game franchise. Your old favorites like Chun-Li, Bison, Ryu, Vega, Guile, Cammy, and more venture to exotic locations to challenge players to see who will be victorious. There is no expiration date listed on the story on the PlayStation Blog, so maybe this one is going to stick around for a while.

As part of Sony’s focus on indies, the inaugural indie game for July’s PS Now library will be Hello Neighbor. This puts you in the shoes of a neighborhood kid who sneaks into someone else’s home, because he believes something bad is happening. You’ll need to outrun the odd homeowner, dodge traps, and solve puzzles to reach the end.

We only officially have three new games, but that doesn’t appear to be the full story. According to the comments, some users are reporting access to two new other games in The Turing Test and Infinite Minigolf. Your mileage may vary, and games seem to come and go without warning even when they are supposed to be there. (That’s the disgruntled voice of experience talking.)

However, if you bought a discounted PS Now subscription, give this all-you-can-eat buffet of games a try and enjoy the new with the old. You might just find a new favorite or give an entirely new genre a try. Happy hunting!

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