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July’s PS Plus Games Announced

With a few days left in the month, July’s PS Plus games are ready for your perusal. After last month’s Beyond: Two Souls, we will have Heavy Rain next month. You will play as one of several characters and experience four days during the hunt for the Origami Killer. Your choices could mean the difference between life and death.

As a warning to anyone who might go to the PlayStation Blog and see this, some (expletive deleted) person decided to spoil the game in the comments. I hate you, Yuyukirby. You are what’s wrong with comment sections everywhere, but maybe I only have myself to blame. Only Pure PlayStation comments are worth reading. 😉

If you also prefer to work out your frustrations in a non-violent way, Absolver is the second free game. You are a faceless martial artist. You can build a deck of moves to create a personal fighting style and use them in PVP or PvE. The world is as dynamic as your strikes, parries, and feints.

If you are looking for something right now, be sure to download Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. It’s free through July 11th, and, even if you hate multiplayer, you might enjoy the action movie campaign. Those are going away, you know.

One more thing, there is a deal for PS Now. If you join or extend your subscription, you can have three months for $29.99. That is $20 off the regular price, and you can play over 650 games.

As we go forth into the world today, I would suggest two things. First, people who spoil games are the worst. Shun them for their crimes. Second, if you own a Vita, give the Zero Escape series a try. You just might like it, and your Vita will appreciate the love.

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