Jump Force’s Number of Characters and Franchises Revealed

Maybe I missed it (totally possible), but I have been looking for an exact number of characters and franchises, and I finally have confirmation. There will be forty playable characters from 15 different IPs, but, technically, there are 16 different IPs represented. Death Note’s Light Yagami and Ryuk are part of the story, but they are not playable.

The crew from PlayStation Underground posted a multiplayer session video from Jump Force. While they were trying to get a feel for the characters and controls, these were some of the answers and info from the PR rep. The other interesting thing was that your uniform/costume shows damage. Deku’s costume (My Hero Academia) was frayed, dirty, and missing a chunk. He had taken the usual beating.

The video is worthwhile, mostly gameplay, and comes in just under 16 minutes. Jump Force will release on Feb 15th.

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