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Jump Stars is the Twisted Game Show Title You Didn’t Know You Needed

Jump Stars is a multiplayer game that tasks you with completing competitive and cooperative objectives for the good of the party. All the while hoping your performance is good enough to be the top player.  You’ll compete in a series of mini games that have simple premises but with a devious twist. One such game has players dashing across the stage to eat as much pie as possible so they don’t disappear into nothingness. Another has you locating and standing on snow spots in a level that’s literally set on fire. These festivities are hosted by the freakishly, ominous Host who has a split personality and will do anything for ratings.

Some of the features include: 2 to 4 single-screen multiplayer gameplay, ten mini games to survive, twenty characters to choose from, Unreal Engine 4 visuals, and the uncanny ability for strangers to become friends and friends to become strangers. You can expect Jump Stars in December later this year and you can view the trailer below.

We’re huge fans of the party game genre, and we wanted to create something with a twist to the party platformer experience,” says Jordan Morris, creative director, Jamit Games. “For us, the dynamism of co-operative and competitive play is what makes Jump Stars stand out from the crowd. That constant uncertainty of when your teammates might turn against you, and when should you turn against your teammates. That’s what we love, and that’s what still makes us laugh in the studio when we play it, and we hope it’s that uncertainty that families will love about it this Christmas.”

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Jump Stars was birthed from a game jam,” adds Isaac Howie-Brewerton, studio director of Jamit Games. “It was a small project that we did together for a bit of fun. It was something for us to enjoy together. And, over time, it’s evolved into this fantastic, ridiculous, TV-show-inspired experience that we have now. For us, the best part is that we still love playing it. Because of the way that the mini games are designed, something new and completely unexpected can always happen even to us. I think the next thing is that now we can’t wait to see what people make of it this Christmas.

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