June 2021 PS Plus Games Confirmed With Two New Games Launching on the Service

Sony has announced which games will be included as part of June 2021’s PlayStation Plus lineup, and there are very few surprises…

June’s PlayStation Plus freebies will be coming next week and Sony has dropped the details on what games will be offered as part of the monthly subscription package.

As previously leaked, Star Wars: Squadrons, Operation Tango, and Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown are all coming to players in June, although Operation Tango will only be available to PS5 players, as has become the norm since the PS5’s release last year.

Star Wars: Squadrons is perhaps the biggest get for June, but your enjoyment will depend on whether you like first-person flight combat games. If Ace Combat 7 gave your thumbs a good workout, Squadrons will be a safe bet to download. Plus, as a bonus, it’s fully compatible with PSVR, so there’s a good reason to blow the dust off of your headset if it has been left waiting for new games.

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Operation Tango is a new release that’s launching straight onto PlayStation Plus but it’s definitely a bit of an oddity. Outside of only being available for PS Plus members on PS5, the game also requires players of any platform to have access to two working microphones – one for each online player. The game’s tagline is that “it takes two to save the world” so perhaps a good chat with your mates online really is necessary to win.

And finally, SEGA’s newly announced Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown rounds out the offering with a revamped version of the popular fighting game. I still remember playing this one in the arcades and then on the SEGA Saturn, so I’ll be all over this like flies on turds. Keep an eye out for the review coming as soon as this weekend.


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