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Jurassic World Added to Minecraft In Latest DLC

There is nothing cooler than a dinosaur. Well, nothing except for a dinosaur at the North Pole eating an ice cream. And that’s why the team at Minecraft are bringing the ravenous, yet extinct, beast to their game in a Jurassic World themed DLC. It’s designed with the movie franchise in mind, and places you right at the centre of the action as Park Manager.

This news comes as quite the surprise, as this is the first I’ve heard of any such collaboration. But what do you expect for something that’s been 65 million years in the making…

I have to admit that from first impressions this update looks very good indeed. The beasts suit their blocky  appearance and come across as rather imposing, which is quite the feat. The flying Velociraptor is a great creation, certainly looking at home in the skies, and the park itself seems to be both vast and inviting. But, then again, Minecraft rarely puts a foot out of place in that department.

The announcement states that as Park Manager, you will be able to both exhibit and train various dinosaurs (as seen in the films). But you’ll also be able to solve problems, something that has cropped up quite a lot on the big screen despite the obvious danger of their livestock. I mean, hasn’t Hollywood heard of Health and Safety? In fact, by utilising both vehicles and the cast of NPCs, you’ll be tasked with averting danger – all whilst striving for a high score in the process. By the sounds of it, this could get very competitive indeed.

In total, there are 60 species of dinosaur included and 21 new skins, so this is quite the sizeable DLC. Plus, the world – obviously. But enough of my waffle – go check out the video above!

Source: Minecraft

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