Jurassic World Evolution Gets First In-Game Trailer Showing Off Toothy Dinos and Lush Landscapes

Jurassic World Evolution was first announced back at this year’s Gamescom in Germany. We didn’t really get to learn anything about the game and we only got a short trailer that showed… well, not much.

Today, the developers behind Jurassic World Evolution, Frontier, has released a fresh trailer for dino-loving gamers. It’s not a gameplay trailer so don’t expect to see how the game plays just yet, but instead it’s a sort of showing off kind of deal. We get to see a few dinosaurs roaming around which, to be fair, do look pretty good, as well as some of the game’s environments.

What have we learned from this trailer? Not much, but it’s made us hungry for more. What we really need to see is some gameplay, then we’ll be satisfied.

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What do you make of Jurassic World Evolution? Get your arms T-Rex’n down in the comments section below.

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