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Just Cause 4: Danger Rising DLC Goes Back to the Future, Out Now for Season Pass Holders on PS4

Remember how Back to the Future promised us that we’d be zipping around the neighbourhood on hoverboards with our self-tying Nikes and our auto-drying jackets? None of that really came to pass, though Nike had a fair crack at the shoes, but we’re still short a hoverboard. And no, those “hoverboards” that you see on dumb Facebook videos absolutely do not count.

The only way to really have fun on a hoverboard is in Just Cause 4. Or at least that’s the only game I know of that features the mystical method of transport. Well, not the base game. To scoot around like a murderous Marty McFly you’ll need to have the Danger Rising DLC which came out today for Season Pass owners.

Danger Rising is the third and final chapter in the “Dare Devils, Demons and Danger” expansion pass for Just Cause 4 and it’s also the biggest. It boasts nine new missions, new gadgets, weapons and vehicles, including the hoverboard.

“JUST CAUSE 4 is a huge sandbox experience, full of over-the-top action and amazing emergent gameplay moments. There’s nothing else like it.” said Victoria Setian, Senior Producer at Avalanche Studios. “But it’s about to get crazier! We are so excited for players to finally get their hands on the Hoverboard in JUST CAUSE 4. It’s a game-changer, which will allow our players to tackle content in a whole new way.”

If you’re a Just Cause 4 Season Pass holder on PS4, Xbox One or PC, you can go ahead and download the Danger Rising DLC. If you’re a regular player with a regular edition of the game, you can purchase the DLC from September 5th for $11.99/£9.99. Might be worth getting the Season Pass, though, as it works out a little cheaper.

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