Just Cause 4 Expansion Pass Brings Racing, Demons, and Bad Bosses

Just Cause 4 Expansion Pass Brings Racing, Demons, and Bad Bosses

Surprising no one, Just Cause 4 will have DLC and an expansion pass that will let you bundle all three parts. Like death and taxes, this is the way of the gaming world, and we have made our peace with it. However, this is Just Cause. The DLC is not quite the norm, and the world has plenty of room for variety.

Coming in 2019, the first pack is named “Dare Devils”. Rico will get fast and furious in underground races with the gangs of Solis. The devils continue in the second pack named “Demons”. Rico will fight these supernatural threats and help the people of Solis. Maybe he could race with them in between shooting as well. The third pack, “Danger”, puts Rico up against the human and technological might of his old employer.

You can grab all three when you buy the expansion pass or the gold edition of the game. There is a very short trailer to promote them, but it doesn’t really show much. With Just Cause 4 exploding into retail on December 4th, you may be too busy with the main game to care about any other content for a while.

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