Just Dance 2017 Demo With Justin Bieber Now Available

Just Dance 2017 Demo With Justin Bieber Now Available

Do you want to dance like nobody’s watching, but you make Seinfeld’s Elaine look like Baryshnikov? Well, Just Dance 2017 cannot help you with that, but it can provide a fun party game that you can play with friends and family.

A demo just hit PSN, and it features “Sorry” by Justin Bieber. Despite your neighbors wondering why you keep playing the same song 100 times, it is a great opportunity to see why this game is a perennial favorite. The new version will even allow players to use their cell phone as a controller, so you do not need to purchase a camera.

If you are curious about Just Dance 2017, we have added the trailer to show you more of what you can expect when the game releases October 25th in the US and October 28th in the UK.

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