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Kandagawa Jet Girls Heats Up Your Summer With Competitive Jet Racing

We are on the precipice of so many new game announcements, and there is another one today. Kandagawa Jet Girls has genetically blessed ladies participating in the futuristic sport of jet racing. A team is formed with a “jetter” and a “shooter”. The jetter will perform acrobatics as they navigate the water around Tokyo, and the shooter will use her sharp eye to knock the other team off their craft. The shooter uses a water gun, so this isn’t a heavy post-apocalyptic storyline. You’ll need to impress the fans with your skill and avoid being eliminated, and you can play the game’s single-player campaign or play online with three other friends.

The game will feature a lot of content out of the gate and more is planned after release. There will be 64 episodes for you to play through and learn more about your two-girl team. There are seven different teams to choose from. Since this is coming from the team behind SENRAN KAGURA, they are including Ryobi and Ryona. If you want more of the characters, Asuna and Yumi can be purchased as DLC later.

Along with customizing your team, you can customize your machine to give you better performance. There is an assortment of parts to impact your speed, handling, and acceleration. You can also change the appearance to match your preferences. It also looks like you can customize your characters, so your team will make a splash online or just in your living room.

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If you want to buy a retail version, you’ll gain a few goodies. For $59.99, the Racing Hearts edition will contain the game, a soundtrack CD with two discs and 54 tracks, a softcover art book measuring 5.5″ x 7.3″ with 60 pages, and a box to house it all with art created by Hanaharu Naruko. I’ll have a screenshot at the bottom to show you what it looks like. (I don’t see it on XSEED’s store yet, but I’ll update this with a direct link if it is posted soon.) The digital version will run you $49.99.

The trailer today doesn’t show any gameplay. It’s the opening movie for the game consisting of an upbeat, anime song with some minor animation that shows off the characters from the game. If you need something light and fun (who doesn’t?), give it a watch or play it continuously in the background like I’m doing right now. You can also check out the screenshots at the bottom for a closer look at the game.

Kandagawa Jet Girls will hit the water sometime this summer.

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