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Keep Swinging With Marvel’s Spider-Man in New Game+ Mode

Insomniac has revealed that your Marvel Spider-Man adventure needn’t end when the credits roll as the team are busy working on a New Game+ mode.

The feature, a common post-launch patch nowadays, will allow all you Spiderlings to keep on swinging to your heart’s content. And although details are yet to published, we expect it to be representative of other New Game Plus’, whereby you can enjoy a second playthrough with all your accumulated skills and suits.

This is a positive development for anyone keen to face a greater difficult of conflict from the onset, though the need to clean-up any remaining trophies seems to have been negated in this game compared to others with the same feature; I for one am yet to meet a fan who hasn’t already achieved 100% or are on the verge of completion. Then again, it’s Spider-Man, who cares!

News of when we can expect the update is also scarce, but from reading the Tweet, it doesn’t sound too far off. Perhaps it will drop in the same patch as the proposal “Easter egg ” removal. In the meantime, why not take a look at our review. Suffice to say we’re quite fond of the red dude.

Has Spider-Man got your senses tingling? Or do you prefer your protagonists with a little less Lycra? Spin your thought-webs into the comments section below. 

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