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Keep Your Family Safe when Children of Morta Releases October 15th

Children of Morta will be coming to your PS4 on October 15th, and the launch trailer paints a story about family. The Bergson family is charged with protecting Mount Morta, but a corruption is spreading through the land, destroying everything in it’s path. That kinda sucks, but, even with those dire circumstances, the trailer is more heartwarming than you might think.

The Bergson family might be heroes and warriors with different skills, but each of the six playable characters has their own flaws as well. This rogue-lite appears to be focused on their struggle to work with each other and band together during this tough trial, in addition to uncovering the cause of the corruption and fighting in different dungeons and biomes.

It won’t all be a Lifetime movie with high emotions. The characters have different combat styles from melee to ranged. You will need to do the typical upgrades through the family seer and blacksmith to take on tougher foes. As you might have already guessed, the world will change when you play it, so procedurally generated is another box checked.

I recommend you check out the trailer. It’s from the team at 11 bit studios, and it has a similar art style to their previous game, Moonlighter. If they can deliver the family drama and a good story in a rogue-lite, this could be something special. We’ll find out on October 15th.

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