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Keep Your Town Moving in City Building Sim Buildings Have Feelings Too!

One of the most agonizing choices in a city sim game is where to put my buildings, not only for now but for future growth. Buildings Have Feelings Too! addresses that by allowing your buildings to move on their own. It breathes some new life into the genre by breathing actual life into those buildings. They can talk to other buildings and have feelings (it’s in the name) and thoughts about the town.

The normal, non-talking and walking building parts of the sim are there as well. Your town will need your expert guidance to keep it prosperous, research new tech, and build new impressive sights, while dealing with the same noise, pollution, transportation, and power problems that any traditional city sim has.

The game will start in the Victorian Age, and you will shepherd your buildings through the changes and challenges of adjusting to our modern age. If they don’t fit into a neighborhood anymore or fit your design, you can walk them to a part of your town that moves at their speed with the values from when their foundation was poured. That should solve the “oopsies” problems of city planning when you discover you made a huge mistake 30 minutes ago.

Check out the trailer for Buildings Have Feelings Too!. It’s coming to the PS4 sometime this summer, but you can see it at GDC and PAX East if you are attending.

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