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Kick & Fennick Jumping from PS Vita to PS4 This June, Trailer Within

There’s a little game on the PS Vita that flew under far too many radars for our liking. Kick & Fennick comes from Dutch studio Jaywalkers Interactive and it’s a really simple game.

That’s not us having a dig at it, but it’s gameplay is so simple it’s refreshing. You play as the young titular lad who gets around by using a big-arse gun to propel him through the air. It was a true treasure on the Vita but it just didn’t get the eyes on it that it deserved.

That could potentially change this summer as porting specialist Abstraction Games has announced alongside Jaywalkers Interactive that the game is being ported to the PS4 and will release this summer – June 4th, to be precise. We’re not entirely sure how the game will change on the PS4, though we imagine there will be a few graphical upgrades against the PS Vita release.

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