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Kick Open Doors and Shoot Bad Guys in Arcade Shooter RICO

RICO is exactly I described in the headline, so, if you were worried about clickbait, you can rest easily and keep your finger on the trigger. RICO takes it’s inspiration from buddy cop and action movies. It puts you on a team that must solve a case in 24 hours. You will need to clear randomly generated rooms in first person and move on to the next, unlocking new weapons, traits, and equipment as you go.

Since every cop needs a partner (especially the ones who work alone), a friend can join you for the action online or in local co-op. The daily play will let you compete against your friends on the leaderboards. It gives you a fixed level and the same loadout for a true test of skill.

The game’s director, James Parker, explains why you want to keep RICO on your radar. He said,

Games can change people’s lives, inform us about the human condition, and tell epic stories of love, life, and loss… RICO doesn’t do any of those things, it’s a game about kicking doors open and shooting bad guys, often in glorious slow motion.”

Since the cases and levels are randomly generated, you can appreciate that “glorious slow motion” and shooting over and over when RICO kicks the release door open on March 12th.

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Rising Star Games' Press Release

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