Kill a Million Enemies in This Fate/Extella Launch Trailer

With the release of Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star, we have also been given a very destruction heavy launch trailer. Seriously, around 42 seconds into the trailer, we have one of the characters shooting what looks like a nuclear explosion to annihilate some enemies. Good luck taking her parking spot at the office.

The trailer also reminds us that there will be 3 main stories with 13 side stories and a total of 16 playable Servants. The Dynasty Warriors style of gameplay looks to be a good fit for the story, and, although there are some new faces, it looks like many of the characters are favorites from the anime.

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We have also included the unboxing videos for the Noble Phantasm Limited Edition for North America, and the Moon Crux Edition for Europe. The boxes are a little different, and the cloth poster for Europe has metal rings to allow it to be more easily hung on a wall. Otherwise, they seem mostly the same.

If you are already playing the game, let us know in the comments which servant is your favorite.

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