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Kill Aragami with Friends in God Eater 3 Multiplayer

The loner is a great anime stereotype, but he or she usually dies when trying to take on the powerful Aragami. (Their spiky hair looked great doing it, so maybe it’s not a total loss.) God Eater 3 includes a multiplayer mode, so you can go after those deadly Aragami as a pack, instead of a solo hunter.

The latest trailer for God Eater 3 shows what you can expect to see when it hits on Feb 8th. We are reminded that you can customize your character to look appropriately edgy, before you join other cool looking people to take on the game’s co-op mode. The best part is that you can choose your own God Arc. Pick the weapon of Aragami destruction with the abilities or style you like.

If co-op isn’t enough, the third entry in the series brings assault missions that allow up to eight players to take on the game’s toughest opponents. There is a time limit, so get to stabbing and shooting.

If you are unfamiliar, God Eater 3 is based on an anime of the same name. Earth has been decimated. The rise of Oracle Cells has created monsters called Aragami that kill humans on sight. If you are lucky (or unlucky), you can use weapons to protect your fellow humans. The God Arcs are the only thing that can take these beasts down, and it’s a dangerous job.

As you might expect, things are bleak. After you home is obliterated, you join the members of The Chrysanthemum, an ash crawler ship. Your job will be to protect the ship, open routes for it, and keep last shreds of humanity from dying. (Get ‘er done, son.) There will be new Aragami, God Arcs, and new characters for you to meet.

God Eater 3 releases on Feb 8th.

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