Kill The Colourful Critters in Dick Wilde 2, Out Now on PS4/PSVR

Dick Wilde 2 has managed to sneak out and catch Pure PlayStation unawares. The game, a sequel to the excellent original Dick Wilde, actually came out yesterday on PS4/PSVR, but I’m only just getting around to it now. Hey, old news is still news to those who don’t already know it…

Speaking of, for those who don’t know what Dick Wilde 2 is, let me break it down for you. It’s a shooter where you play as a hillbilly helper to the critter-killing Dick Wilde. The original game had you play as the titular character, but this time around you play as his apprentice as you help to clear the swamps of mutated wildlife. Dick Wilde 2 also has cross-platform co-op, something the original didn’t have. Come to think of it, the original didn’t even have any kind of multiplayer, so this is kind of a big deal for Dick Wilde 2. You’ll be able to buddy up with a friend to tackle the mutant monstrosities, and they don’t even need to have the same VR headset as you.

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“We are thrilled to see the return of Dick Wilde in another swamp filled adventure. The team at Bolverk have done an amazing job of crafting this new experience and the new online co-op mode gives the game a fresh new dimension that we think players will love.”

Bo Bennekov, Lead Designer, Bolverk Games: “With Dick Wilde 2 we have crammed in 10+ hours of pure gaming fun, tons of awesome homemade weapons, an array of fierce enemies, cross-platform Co-op and the biggest banjo score to grace video games as a medium – if that’s not reason enough to buy a game, I don’t know what is!”

It certainly sounds like Dick Wilde 2 has improved over the first game, but the proof is in the pudding and we’ve yet to have a taste. Expect our review in the next couple of days. Until then, don’t you dare cheat on us by reading other reviews. Keep your eyes on us and the launch trailer above.

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