Kill Titans Online with Friends in Attack on Titan 2

It’s clear from the anime that attacking a titan is better with friends. Someone has be dinner a distraction, and someone always needs to be saved. It’s a vicious cycle.

Attack on Titan 2 is going to have two online modes for your scouting pleasure. The first is a co-op mode that will let you and a friend go through the story and the scout missions. A well-organized pair should be able to take down more titans and keep innocents safe.

Organization will be especially important in the new, points-based Annihilation mode. It’s part titan attack and part base building and defense. Two teams of four will gain points from working together and hitting titan weak spots. Each team will also build a base and defend it from the other team.

If you can’t score points, you can also harass the other team and make them score fewer points. You will have special bullets to keep them from being their best. Numbing bullets will disable them, and paint bullets will block their view on the screen like the squid from Mario Kart. This should help players balance skill with strategy.

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Koei Tecmo also dropped some pictures showing the character creator. You will be able to change your looks, clothes, and colors. For those of you who haven’t realized the joy of giving birth to your own in-game avatars and playing dress-up (we pity you), you can always pick from over 30 different characters from the series.

Focusing on the story from the second season, Attack on Titan 2 is releasing on March 20th with new moves, new multiplayer, and plenty of hot scout on titan action.

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