Killing Floor 2 Free Trial Week Starts Today

While many of you are playing a space opera with interesting animations, we noticed the Killing Floor 2 trial starts today. To celebrate the release of their newest free DLC, the Descent Content Pack, you can play a trial version of the game and purchase the full game at a 33% discount. The trial also includes the new DLC, so you will be able to experience the same game as everyone else.

The Descent DLC will add two new maps. The first map is Descent, and it is a new spin on the Holdout mode. This moves the players to a new place whenever the next wave starts. This should keep players on their toes. Nuked is a community-created map that will also be added. For the avid trophy hunter, the updates add new digital cups for you to earn.

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We cannot complain about the price, and we are loving the free weekends, trials, and betas that many other high profile games are giving PlayStation gamers lately. If team killing zombies is your cup of tea, you can start downloading here.

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