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Killing Floor: Double Feature Out Now on PS4/PSVR, Two Games for the Price of One

Killing zombies never gets old. It’s been a mainstay in gaming since the mid-2000s and it’s showing no signs of going away. Some efforts are better than others, and Killing Floor: Double Feature packages two of the best into one hearty bundle.

Killing Floor: Double Feature is a bundle that contains Killing Floor 2 and Killing Floor: Incursion, with the latter requiring a PSVR headset. If you don’t have a PSVR headset and don’t plan on getting one anytime soon, you’re best off leaving this package well alone and just getting Killing Floor 2 as a standalone purchase.

The bundle contains both games and all available content updates that have been release since launch – so you’re getting the very best versions of the games without the lengthy day-one updates. Hooray! There’s also a new update for Killing Floor: Incursion on PSVR that brings the Espire 1 Control Theater mechanic that, according to the developers, eliminates motion sickness for almost all players. The new feature was developed by Tripwire Interactive’s publishing partners, Digital Lode, and it should make moving around the world in Killing Floor: Incursion smoother and more enjoyable. It’ll still be pants-shittingly scary, but at least you shouldn’t spew your guts up as you try to run away from zombie monsters.

The Killing Floor: Double Feature bundle can be bought at retail and via the PlayStation Store. The cost? A reasonable £34.99/$39.99/39.99€. At the time of writing, I’ve only played Killing Floor: Incursion and I found it to be a decent VR shooter. We’ll have some words put together later in the week covering both games, so be sure to check back to see what we make of this gory bundle of death.
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